Our pets can bring so much love and laughter to our lives. Saying goodbye is one of the hardest things, but knowing we were able to give them a happy life full of love helps us through those difficult times. Help us honor your beloved pets by sharing a memorial of your pet here.

Share a Memory "If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever." - David Ellsworth
Remembering Kobby June 22, 2022 in

Remembering Kobby

Kobby never knew a bad day in his 16 years of life. He was adopted from a family by my mom at 8 weeks old, ate better than we did half the time and went […]

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Remembering Oz June 22, 2022 in

Remembering Oz

The team at Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic are amazingly professional and caring. Dr. Blackmon was so supportive to our needs when we had to bring our dog to be put down. I understand that it may […]

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Remembering Teeko June 22, 2022 in

Remembering Teeko

She was so fiesty but thats what made her amazing. She was tiny with a big dog attitude.

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Remembering SOPHIE (Bella Sophia Von Schnitzel) June 22, 2022 in

Remembering SOPHIE (Bella Sophia Von Schnitzel)

Sophie was part of our family for over 15 years. She was an adventurous, independent, and loving girl. She was our fourth schnauzer, and when the first three passed, she became queen, but still welcomed […]

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Remembering Torrey Pines June 14, 2022 in

Remembering Torrey Pines

Torrey was the G.O.A.T. She was all about love and enjoyed meeting other fur babies and humans alike. We swore she could tell time because when it was time for her dinner or evening walk, […]

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Remembering Precious June 14, 2022 in

Remembering Precious

Precious was a door greeter that brought guests from front door to her treats and talked to them until they fed her a hand full of treats. She loved her temptation treats early in the […]

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Remembering Chop June 14, 2022 in

Remembering Chop

Chop always loved playing his ball & cuddling. He loved attention, he was the sweetest puppers 🥹

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Remembering Jaba Marie Hall June 14, 2022 in

Remembering Jaba Marie Hall

Jaba was an amazing Cane Corso. She was protective gentle an amazing part of our family for 10 years. She use to love to jump on fences and peek over. Her human children, parents and […]

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Remembering Mia June 14, 2022 in

Remembering Mia

In Memory of Mia

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Remembering Bruce Wayne June 14, 2022 in

Remembering Bruce Wayne

Very soon after Bruce Wayne joined our family, a friend found a list of the dumbest dog breeds and beagle was on the list. We had a good laugh and then enrolled is some doggie […]

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Remembering Albert (Alberto) June 14, 2022 in

Remembering Albert (Alberto)

This furry little dude would wake me up every morning by pushing his paws into my face and making bread on me till I woke up and then would proceed to scream at me till […]

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Remembering Sophie April 11, 2022 in

Remembering Sophie

Sophie was sent to us for such a short time but such a loved, goofy beauty. She was a 5 lb bundle of sass.Thank you for the kindness you provided our family as a whole.

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March 4, 2022 in

Remembering Cammie

Cammie was so sweet and loving. What I will always remember is the way she would romp up to me when I’d call her. Her second name became Rompy ❤️

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February 6, 2022 in

Remembering Tooney Torres

Tooney gave me 15 great years. Always slept near me. Growl whether playing or didn't want me near him. Spoiled everyday. As a baby he'd catch bugs and bring them to me. He'd steal my […]

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Remembering Misa November 12, 2021 in

Remembering Misa

Misa was born 6/22/2006 and left us on 10/27/2021. She was what made us a family when we got our very first apartment. She was very smart super patient and loved everyone. She loved performing […]

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Remembering Carbon Davis October 18, 2021 in

Remembering Carbon Davis

Best dog anyone could ask for. Seriously acted half human lol. He didn’t like to be in the backyard by himself unless he was napping but sometimes he would stay out there hours on end […]

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Remembering Papa and hazel September 15, 2021 in

Remembering Papa and hazel

Well honestly i am not a cat lover or anything of the sort but these two super sweet cats were crying outside my door one night and so i took them in cleaned them up […]

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July 14, 2021 in

Remembering Maxximus

Maxximus was known for his cauliflower ears, lethal tail and huge sweet heart. He was so loyal to our family. He was our sons dog but was considered our family dog. He would wait for […]

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Remembering Tank Thompson July 8, 2021 in

Remembering Tank Thompson

Tank was so sweet and loving and a very well behaved dog, but he was also finicky! I would always tease my husband that he was high-maintenance like him! He wouldn’t go potty on wet […]

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Remembering Bella, Lola and Godiva July 8, 2021 in

Remembering Bella, Lola and Godiva

Bella, Lola, and Godiva,(beagle sisters) were all rescued from a puppy mill. We were so glad to have them. Bella who was 14 lived the longest and recently passed away. They loved each other and […]

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Remembering Dutchess July 8, 2021 in

Remembering Dutchess

She has always been a queen and one day she found a tulle skirt from a wedding dress and made it her bed

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Remembering Gracie July 7, 2021 in

Remembering Gracie

She was a great dog full of emotion. One time we were playing tug-o-war and I said bath (a word she hates) and she immediately dropped the rope, looked at me as if I broke […]

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Remembering Ruby July 1, 2021 in

Remembering Ruby

This is Ruby from our text earlier ❤️

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July 1, 2021 in

Remembering Ruby

First of all, Ruby was such a loving dog. She protected us from the mailman😂, the pool guy🤣one of our sons who was extremely tall😅 and more visitors with her ferocious bark! I am a […]

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Remembering Rookie June 29, 2021 in

Remembering Rookie

I adopted Rookie at a year old. He was rescued from the e-list at the pound by the AZ Humane Society and I found him at a PetSmart event. When I took him to the […]

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Remembering Zion June 27, 2021 in

Remembering Zion

Zion was the best cat I could ask for. He was always there for me and loved me unconditionally. He took a part of me with him. I will always remember the 15 years we […]

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Remembering Taz June 23, 2021 in

Remembering Taz

Last month we lost our fur baby of almost 13 years. It’s taken me a month to gain the strength to share a post. Taz lived a life filled with nothing but love and gave […]

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Remembering Taz June 23, 2021 in

Remembering Taz

Last month we lost our fur baby of almost 13 years. It’s taken me a month to gain the strength to share a post. Taz lived a life filled with nothing but love and gave […]

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June 23, 2021 in

Remembering Harley

We can't thank your hospital enough. We were moving from California to Texas with our son, 2 dogs and our bearded dragon. By the first night, our Belgium Shepard was acting a bit more skiddish […]

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Remembering Sheila June 20, 2021 in

Remembering Sheila

Sheila had 14 wonderful years with us, we miss her so dearly, and love her forever. Every Christmas, as soon as the tree was put up and the tree skirt placed down, she would go […]

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Remembering Bella June 17, 2021 in

Remembering Bella

To my girl Bella I miss you sooooo much , love you forever, my best friend!! the little girl who took care of me much more than I could ever take care of her. Keeping […]

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June 15, 2021 in

Remembering Wrigley

Wrigley was always looking for her daddy’s approval ! She will be missed so much ❤️

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Remembering Toulouse (Tougoose) June 12, 2021 in

Remembering Toulouse (Tougoose)

She was cheerful and energetic, She also loved whipped cream – so much she pushed through her medication like a champ just to have a little as a treat. She was inseparable from her sister […]

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Remembering Max the Wonder Dog Radack June 12, 2021 in

Remembering Max the Wonder Dog Radack

Max was the sweetest boy. He loved life, loved people and was a best friend to our family. He loved car rides to Starbucks, running free from walks the last hundred feet to the house, […]

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Remembering Fenix Dillon June 8, 2021 in

Remembering Fenix Dillon

He was my buddy that followed me everywhere! Loved to play and be happy and I love the memory of him running around like a crazy person in the back yard around his sister Ellie… […]

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Remembering Zion June 7, 2021 in

Remembering Zion

She was the perfect friend, walking buddy & protector. One day she was in the yard barking like crazy. So I go to check on her and she barking at this huge snake! I run […]

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Remembering Lilly June 7, 2021 in

Remembering Lilly

Lilly and I have shared so many memories over the last 12 years. She’s been camping, hiking, swimming and made so many friends; human and non-human alike. My favorite memories of her involve walks side […]

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Remembering Roxxy June 7, 2021 in

Remembering Roxxy

Roxy loved car ride and long trips with mom and dad.

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Remembering Wrinkles June 3, 2021 in

Remembering Wrinkles

Wrinkles was very playful and loving. She had a routine of running around the car when she would see the mail lady then run up to the fence to look at her. She will be […]

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Remembering Snickers June 3, 2021 in

Remembering Snickers

She liked to push her nose hard again my face before licking me!!!! RIP our precious baby girl we love you ❤️❤️❤️

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Remembering Roberto (Tito) June 3, 2021 in

Remembering Roberto (Tito)

Roberto had so many nick names mr piggy, tubby, tatito, and iRobot #2. He loved to eat everything and anything. His favorite time of day was dinner time because he knew someone would drop food. […]

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Remembering roxy diane June 2, 2021 in

Remembering roxy diane

Roxy and I lived alone but she became famous at my daughters family’s house. Their whole neighborhood seemed to have a story about her. Every summer protective Roxy would frantically run around the pool nipping […]

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Remembering Baby Girl Nappi June 2, 2021 in

Remembering Baby Girl Nappi

Baby Girl was a happy go lucky kitten. See her hide in slippers below

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Remembering Snoopy June 2, 2021 in

Remembering Snoopy

Snoopy has always been adored by those around him. My happiest memory of him were the days he’d sit by my leg and stare at me. It was the same look I’d always give to […]

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June 2, 2021 in

Remembering Kenai

This little guy is the most lovable dog, he could sense when I needed him. He will truly be missed. Run free my little guy!

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Remembering Milo June 2, 2021 in

Remembering Milo

My silly Milo, he was like having a two-year-old who followed you everywhere you went… I bottle-fed him from two weeks old so he thought I was his mama.. He was raised with a Basenji […]

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Remembering Abe Natewa May 27, 2021 in

Remembering Abe Natewa

I'll always remember you good boy for all the tricks you had up your sleeve you always shinned bright never a dull moment with you I sure my your protect I love you boy gone […]

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Remembering Bubba May 26, 2021 in

Remembering Bubba

To talk about just ONE funny Bubba story or bright moment he brought to our lives would be impossible. Bubba was the true embodiment of what every good boy should be. Loving, goofy, caring, cuddly, […]

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Remembering Cab (Cabernet) May 26, 2021 in

Remembering Cab (Cabernet)

Cab and his brother, Ries, were 2 semi feral kittens when we agreed to foster them from the Bisbee Animal Shelter in 2019. They took a long time to trust us and when we moved […]

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Remembering Arya May 23, 2021 in

Remembering Arya

Arya was a beautiful little diva. She was there in some tough times of my life. Arya had so much love and energy , not only for me. The neighbor kids all knew her. She […]

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Remembering Tootles May 23, 2021 in

Remembering Tootles

Our dearest little baby guinea piggy 🐹 had the cutest markings and the softest(!) fur. She loved Romaine lettuce 🥬. Not carrots, bell pepper, or fruit, just her Romaine. She loved being snuggled in a […]

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Remembering Miss Teddie May 23, 2021 in

Remembering Miss Teddie

Teddie was one of the original feral cats in our neighborhood. She had several litters of kittens before we were able to catch her. Teddie was the sweetest cat, she'd raise her paw like a […]

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Remembering Belle May 23, 2021 in

Remembering Belle

This one time I gave my dog bell and my dog Jafar Both milk bones. Well our dog Belle, the one who passed away, she took her bone and sat in front of your Jafar’s […]

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Remembering Amber Jones May 11, 2021 in

Remembering Amber Jones

Amber was a rescue that I had for 7 years. Unfortunately on Saturday evening she lost her battle with aggressive cancer. She went through two operations to remove the cancer. They said she would only […]

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Remembering Zoey May 11, 2021 in

Remembering Zoey

Words cannot express the loss we feel at a time like this. Our Zoey was such a love and light in our lives for almost 15 years and I know that there is no way […]

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Remembering Salem May 9, 2021 in

Remembering Salem

My mom and sister used to live with my husband and I and every morning that my little sister was getting ready for school Salem would chase her up and down the hallway. It turned […]

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Remembering Chloe May 8, 2021 in

Remembering Chloe

Chloe until her last day lived her doggie life with so much pep. She loved her walks, jumping any and all puddles that might be in her way. We miss her so much.

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Remembering Brady May 7, 2021 in

Remembering Brady

The funniest thing about Brady is that he started the pack howl every day but he couldn’t really howl. He just barked really loud. Everyone followed. He did somersaults in bed and loved to snuggle. […]

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Remembering Charlie May 7, 2021 in

Remembering Charlie

We took a risk on adopting Charlie from the Detroit Humane Society in 2008 with an “unknown” history. Thirteen years later, his history will now be known as the most loving, friendly, and loyal companion […]

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Remembering Winston May 4, 2021 in

Remembering Winston

Winston was given to me by a friend when he was 3 years old. I didn’t know what to expect and how he would act with my girl schnauzer Bella. She was also 3 years […]

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Remembering Tyson (cheeky) April 30, 2021 in

Remembering Tyson (cheeky)

There are a lot of stories I could share you about the memories of my dog, but the best one was that he just had a pure soul! Sweetest and kindest dog ever and always […]

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Remembering Francis April 29, 2021 in

Remembering Francis

Francis was so well behaved for a chicken and I used to take her to school with me every once in a while. She wore a little chicken dress and she loved going to school.

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April 29, 2021 in

Remembering LUCY

One day Lucy jumped in the back of my friends car without us knowing it. We looked everywhere for her and almost gave up. My friend went home and when they arrived home Lucy JUMPED […]

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Remembering Khaos April 28, 2021 in

Remembering Khaos

He was a very playful pup and loved to bite on my shoes

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Remembering Kai April 26, 2021 in

Remembering Kai

She loved to watch the weather segment of the news, any food that I would make. She loved taking everything out of the shower and bringing it into the living room too. She did not […]

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Remembering Walter April 25, 2021 in

Remembering Walter

Walter has been my best friend and my shadow for the last 3.5 years of my life and has been by my side everyday. I have met many of dogs as well as owned a […]

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April 25, 2021 in

Remembering Walter

Walter has literally been my shadow for the last 3.5 years of my life. I have met many of dogs as well as owned a few but Walter was beyond your average dog. He was […]

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Remembering Kona April 24, 2021 in

Remembering Kona

When I moved into my first home I took Kona over to show her where she would be living. My new home had floor to ceiling mirrors. Kona caught her reflection and immediately started charging […]

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Remembering Ms Molly April 22, 2021 in

Remembering Ms Molly

Molly loved to be in the front yard so she could watch people. She loved everybody

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Remembering Gurlfrenn April 22, 2021 in

Remembering Gurlfrenn

She always had her dinner at 4:30 pm while I cleaned and worked out. But she would save about a cup of food in her bowl. When I was finally having my dinner which was […]

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Remembering Cheerio April 14, 2021 in

Remembering Cheerio

Rest In Peace Cheerio ❤️ may you eat all the strawberry and banana tops and chew all the applewood sticks 🍓 thank you for seeing me through the past 10 years. You brought Justin and […]

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Remembering Mimo April 14, 2021 in

Remembering Mimo

He loved taking mirror pictures with me .. I miss him so much, he was my best friend…

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Remembering Beau April 12, 2021 in

Remembering Beau

Beau was the happiest pug ever. When he’d get excited he’d wiggle his entire body and he’d always want to show you his toy. We miss him everyday.

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Remembering Gene Gray April 12, 2021 in

Remembering Gene Gray

Gene Gray was our backyard cat for about 4 years. He randomly showed up one day and we fed him with the rest of our feral colony and after a couple weeks, he just stayed […]

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Remembering Rocket April 12, 2021 in

Remembering Rocket

Rocket loved to sleep on the bed with us. When he would first jump up, he would lay across our lap and wait for pets. We called it Rocket Seatbelt. I would say, "Click it […]

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Remembering Betty April 7, 2021 in

Remembering Betty

Betty was always SO happy! I got her at just 3 days old and I swear she thought I was her biological mother! She gave me 14 years of pure joy! The faces she made […]

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Remembering Chloe girl April 2, 2021 in

Remembering Chloe girl

Chloe was the light of my life. We were together for 14 years and she made me so happy every single day. She was smart, sassy and oh so cute. I will miss her every […]

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Remembering Spice April 2, 2021 in

Remembering Spice

Spice was quite the hunter. One morning while our B&B guests were eating breakfast, one of them said, "Look, Spice is playing with that baby squirrel. I hope the squirrel is OK." After breakfast, the […]

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Remembering Nidalee April 1, 2021 in

Remembering Nidalee

Nidalee showed up to my door one day and was the sweetest girl. I unfortunately didn’t have her for long but in the short time I did have her she helped me through the two […]

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Remembering Chico April 1, 2021 in

Remembering Chico

Whenever he was happy or excited he would pee everywhere I would call him my pee-pee boy.🥺 He Loved Showering & Eating Hotdog Winnies only on Special Occasions ♥️ REST IN PEACE MI AMOR 😢

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Remembering Snickers April 1, 2021 in

Remembering Snickers

We taught him how to flip his ball for food. He would always stand there flipping his ball. He would wait by the ramp of his cage every morning for good. We miss him dearly!

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Remembering Lil black cat April 1, 2021 in

Remembering Lil black cat

This little black cat that was pulled out of a wall, not more than 7 weeks old. I didn't want another cat, I already had two teenage cats at home. As you stared up at […]

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Remembering Lucy March 31, 2021 in

Remembering Lucy

Lucy's favorite food was bacon with Chechen quesadilla a close second. She was a foodie like her Mom and liked to try new things. I think the only thing I remember her spitting out was […]

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Remembering Diamond March 29, 2021 in

Remembering Diamond

My pretty girl. You are so beautiful. I love you so much. I miss you sitting at door waiting for me and always having your toys together and ready to play catch. You definitely left […]

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Remembering Huxley March 25, 2021 in

Remembering Huxley

Huxley was the sweetest bunny. When his mom and dad would bring treats out, he would hop all the way from his playpen to the kitchen to get on his hind legs just to have […]

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Remembering ENZO March 24, 2021 in

Remembering ENZO

Enzo was always mommas kitchen helper. From sous chef to dishwasher he loved being part of and enjoying mommas cooking. Enzos favorite was running errands and stopping at Starbucks for puppicinos. Enzo joins 2 brothers […]

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March 23, 2021 in

Remembering Mia

We miss him even for the short time we took him into our home. Having him join and become family made us happy 😊 We miss you Mia even though we got your sex wrong. […]

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Remembering Elsa March 18, 2021 in

Remembering Elsa

I didn’t know a bunny rabbit could have such a good personality, I loved it when Elsa came to the sliding glass door every morning for her little bite of banana💔🐇

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Remembering Furgie March 15, 2021 in

Remembering Furgie

When she was about six months old, I left the "tail" of a half a loaf of bread hanging off the kitchen counter. She managed to get a hold of it and she ate the […]

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March 13, 2021 in

Remembering Eggroll

Never had a cat before, but Eggroll was hilarious. My now ex boyfriend named him that in a whim and it fit! He would constantly roll over while he was being petted as if he […]

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Remembering Sofie……Snuggie bear March 13, 2021 in

Remembering Sofie……Snuggie bear

Sofie lived an adventurous 15 years. She lived in the mountains in the snow, by the beach and in the desert. Her favorite thing was hiking in the snow. She was my little polar bear. […]

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Remembering Simba March 11, 2021 in

Remembering Simba

Simba made each and everyday a good day and he made my world so much happier. There will never be another quote like you Simba. My heart remains empty without you here. Until we meet […]

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Remembering Chloe March 11, 2021 in

Remembering Chloe

Chloe used to be scared of me. If it wasn’t for me dragging her out of the linen closet she’d still be there. Poster child for a scaredy-cat. Miss you Chloe.

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Remembering Amari March 8, 2021 in

Remembering Amari

thank you for all the love and memories you brought to us Amari <3 you are so strong and brave ! My little champion.

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Remembering Anastasia NovaDane Richards March 8, 2021 in

Remembering Anastasia NovaDane Richards

Anastasia was a delight from the day we brought her home at 6 weeks. She loved to travel and run free on the Oregon beach. She will be missed very much.

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Remembering Luna March 8, 2021 in

Remembering Luna

My funny story when she would sleep she would stretch and get in the weirdest positions you can think of but she was also the most adorable in those I’m gonna really miss waking up […]

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Remembering Buttercup March 4, 2021 in

Remembering Buttercup

Buttercup and her siblings were named after the Powerpuff Girls (& Mojo), but my family and I would often call her by her nicknames Butt/Buttbutt/Butters which she was always happy to hear. She enjoyed basking […]

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Remembering Jaspa March 4, 2021 in

Remembering Jaspa

He always sat next to me while I worked and would climb on the counter searching for food when he thought I wasn’t looking

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March 1, 2021 in

Remembering Buddy

Buddy was a little terrier chihuahua mix who loved warm and dark places. He would burrow under a blanket then go round and round and round until he was wrapped up like he was in […]

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Remembering Yoda March 1, 2021 in

Remembering Yoda

Yoda was a dog with an incredible personality. He loved his little stuffed animal babies. He always tried to carry them around. His favorite was a reindeer that was as big as he was. He […]

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March 1, 2021 in

Remembering Buddy

Buddy was a little terrier chihuahua mix who loved warm and dark places. He would burrow under a blanket then go round and round and round until he was wrapped up like he was in […]

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Remembering Choco nicknamed Tuna Fish-Anna February 27, 2021 in

Remembering Choco nicknamed Tuna Fish-Anna

Just off the top of my head, I think about how much of a mommy cat she was. She had a brother( R.I.P) that would never ever cover his business after using the litter box […]

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Remembering Rebecca February 27, 2021 in

Remembering Rebecca

Rebecca was so funny, she would leave home and go next do to my mom just to eat. One day my mom saw me coming but didn't see Rebecca. She opened the door. Rebecca flew […]

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February 27, 2021 in

Remembering Patches

I met this poor cat as a kitten being kicked by a bunch of kids in an apartment complex. It happens all the time. People leave animals behind when they move. I scolded the kids […]

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Remembering Sneezeboy February 27, 2021 in

Remembering Sneezeboy

Sneezy was the most loving and affectionate rodent around. He was so smart (he came by name!!!) he changed the minds of non-rat lovers constantly! Full of energy & spunk. He was the best thing […]

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Remembering Fred February 24, 2021 in

Remembering Fred

Fred loved his outdoor time. He lived large and was a big thriving boy. His memory lives on via Fred Jr/FJ @lifewithfred 💚❤️💚

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Remembering Athena February 23, 2021 in

Remembering Athena

Athena was a little warrior, one deserving of going to Sto’Vo’Kor. Any dedicated Star Trek fans will get the reference. She was mighty, always fierce, yet loved as deeply as the oceans. She will always […]

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Remembering Fluffels Baker February 23, 2021 in

Remembering Fluffels Baker

Fluffels was the absolute best friend I have ever had in my life. She was my shadow, my confidant, me whole world. She loved to just lay in my lap or my arms and be […]

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February 21, 2021 in

Remembering Noodle

I used to love when captain Noodleman decided that I was t don't petting him and he'd pick my hand up with his head so that I'd literally have to pet him… And I loved […]

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Remembering Noodle February 19, 2021 in

Remembering Noodle

He loved to bask in the sun. I will miss his head popping out of the gate where there is a board missing. He also did a "poop run"… he ran laps in the yard […]

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Remembering Nala February 19, 2021 in

Remembering Nala

Nala was the best dog I have ever had. She was so loyal and I will miss having her follow me wherever I go. She was truly one of kind with her happy noises and […]

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Remembering Bernard February 17, 2021 in

Remembering Bernard

Bernard was the sweetest boy! He loved his mom. He loved to sleep. He could sleep anytime, anywhere. Bernard will be greatly missed.

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Remembering Diablo February 16, 2021 in

Remembering Diablo

Diablo was the sweetest puppy you’ve ever met! He would fall asleep on anyone’s lap and LOVED to be cuddled. He was so smart too! He walked perfectly on the sidewalk without a leash. We […]

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February 14, 2021 in

Remembering Maci

Maci was such a good mama dog she continued to care for her babies until the end. Her babies miss her so much! She had her favorite little places to hide from the “mean old […]

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Remembering Isabelle February 14, 2021 in

Remembering Isabelle

Isabelle always thought whatever you were doing was the coolest thing and wanted to be a part of it. She didn't care much or have an opinion as long as she was by your side. […]

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Remembering Turner February 13, 2021 in

Remembering Turner

Turner helped me raise my three daughters. He brought us 13 years of joy, cuddles and laughter.

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Remembering Muffin February 13, 2021 in

Remembering Muffin

Muffin was the sweetest, most loving little kitty. She was always happy to see you and was constantly purring. She was always so gentle and sweet. I miss her so very much. 💜

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Remembering Teddy February 11, 2021 in

Remembering Teddy

Teddy was a rescue off of Craigslist. We loved him so much, he went everywhere I went. We were buddies. I miss him everyday.

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Remembering Charlie February 9, 2021 in

Remembering Charlie

Charlie was a fun, snuggle bunny who loved to wear his fleece jacket if it was not on him he would carry it around and cuddle it. We called him Chaz when he wore it […]

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Remembering Miss Mia February 9, 2021 in

Remembering Miss Mia

Miss Mia chose me at one of the worst times of my life. She needed me as much as I needed her, so we adopted each other. In true Mia fashion, she came in and […]

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Remembering Tyrese February 9, 2021 in

Remembering Tyrese

Tyrese had more personality than a room full of people. I’ll always remember his unique and expressive toolbox of meows he used to express his many opinions, even when they were coming down the hallway […]

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Remembering Maggie Sahakian February 9, 2021 in

Remembering Maggie Sahakian

A stray cat came in the house through the doggy door and Maggie chased it into the closet. It took all of my strength to restrain her. She was such a loving a protective member […]

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Remembering Sassy February 9, 2021 in

Remembering Sassy

Sassy loved just jumping in the pool & taking a swim whenever she felt like it &fetching the tennis ball across the pool She will be sincerely missed as she was well loved

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Remembering Beth Bella February 8, 2021 in

Remembering Beth Bella

Bella just adored my son Matthew…🐾💜🐾💜🐾

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Remembering Sammie Jo February 3, 2021 in

Remembering Sammie Jo

Sammie Jo a lot could be shared. During this crazy time – she was the best office buddy. Aside from that, she LOVED new toys, just like a kid and she didn’t want to share. […]

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Remembering Kuume February 3, 2021 in

Remembering Kuume

Kuume was the greatest bundle of joy in my greatest time of need. While I've been suffering from a back injury he'd always try to bring me comfort however he could.

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Remembering Lucas February 3, 2021 in

Remembering Lucas

The short time spent with him was a blessing on us. He brought new joy and love into our new home.

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Remembering One-Eye February 3, 2021 in

Remembering One-Eye

How One-Eye got his Name One-Eye had a solid wooden serving tray dropped on his back as a young kitten. He survived the incident with nothing more than vision loss in his right eye. I […]

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Remembering Archibald Wood February 2, 2021 in

Remembering Archibald Wood

I found Archie wondering my work one night and he came running to me like he needed me. I took him home and he lived with me for 2 years. Last month I lost my […]

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Remembering Zoey February 2, 2021 in

Remembering Zoey

Zoey was the queen of the house. Always keeping watch to make sure everything was ok. She was the sweetest and we will miss her so much.

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Remembering Ryder and Ruby January 31, 2021 in

Remembering Ryder and Ruby

Ryder and Ruby were husband and wife. They have had 20 babies, and were the absolute best parents. For close to a decade we have shared many happy memories from all over the country together. […]

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Remembering Shelby January 31, 2021 in

Remembering Shelby

Shelby brought so much joy into my life! She was very sweet and extremely loyal – my constant companion. I miss her terribly. She was an exceptional dog!! You’ll always be in my heart Shelby […]

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Remembering Mo January 31, 2021 in

Remembering Mo

Mo wasn't much of a cuddler but he loved being with us. We could always count on him coming into the living room to watch a movie with us or in the dining room while […]

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Remembering Poodle January 26, 2021 in

Remembering Poodle

Being a chow chow, Poodle was never much of a “dog’s dog”. She never fetched, played, barked, or listened for that matter! She considered herself more as the ruler of the house. She lived to […]

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Remembering Riley Bear January 26, 2021 in

Remembering Riley Bear

Riley’s been my best friend for 15 years. He’s been by my side my whole childhood. My favorite memory is when I would get home he would run to my room to grab a sock […]

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Remembering Buddy January 25, 2021 in

Remembering Buddy

A few weeks ago, my precious Buddy and I took our last car ride together. He was the last of my 3 Musketeers, and the third one I've said goodbye to over the last year. […]

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January 22, 2021 in

Remembering Sissy

Sissy was one of a kind. Her favorite thing in life was to be spanked. She would get up on the couch and put her front paws on the arm and wait for you to […]

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Remembering Skylar January 20, 2021 in

Remembering Skylar

Skylar was a “foster fail” from 9 years ago. A totally shut down skinny, tall girl. She soon took over the house and 3 dog siblings. She spent the rest of her life being energetic […]

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Remembering Roky January 20, 2021 in

Remembering Roky

Roky has been with the family for 6 years, he was the sweetest most playful old man. He would chase the light(glare) from our phones, and the sun in the house trying to catch the […]

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January 20, 2021 in

Remembering Rocky

We miss it a lot,my big boy remember when he jumping follow the lights he always like the shining ligths …ROCKY BLESS MY DOG FOREVER…

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Remembering Brutus January 17, 2021 in

Remembering Brutus

Brutus (AKA: Bruton the Crouton, Brutron 3000, Brubus, Little Bear, Wenie Bean, Little Pup, Brutie Pea Tutie, Brutie Bear) was a fighter, and I am proud of him for reaching 13 years of age. He […]

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Remembering Mr B January 17, 2021 in

Remembering Mr B

Saying goodbye to our little boo boo was very difficult. I told him to wait for me at the rainbow bridge where we can meet again one day. Mr B has been my constant companion […]

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Remembering Oreo January 11, 2021 in

Remembering Oreo

Oreo was our mellow fur ball and loved laying by a screen door watching the world go by. No matter where he was he would jump up and chortle whenever my son walked into the […]

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Remembering Chibby January 11, 2021 in

Remembering Chibby

Chibby loved to cuddle ever since he was a little kitten. He eventually grew into a giant cat, people would always refer to him as a “small panther”. But no matter he big he got, […]

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Remembering Bandi January 11, 2021 in

Remembering Bandi

Bandi was the sweetest and goofiest cat around. She loved playing and jumping out of hiding places at you. Bandi was spoiled and all of our friends said she was a princess. She had a […]

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Remembering ABBY January 10, 2021 in

Remembering ABBY

Fastest puppy ever and the best dog ever..grandma and I love u forever

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January 9, 2021 in

Remembering Calvin

Calvin was a cruelty case and very shy and timid when we adopted him. We first bonded in the meeting field playing soccer and giving him "bellies". When we rescued him 5 years ago he […]

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Remembering Jazzy aka Moppet January 7, 2021 in

Remembering Jazzy aka Moppet

This adorable corky loving little lady snuck in my car on the highway a injured mess at approx.11 years old er vet said put her down but she had so much life in her eyes […]

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Remembering Axel January 7, 2021 in

Remembering Axel

Axel loved going for car rides. I would ask him if he wanted to go to Grandma's house and he would sing his lil heart out jumping up and down until we would get in […]

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Remembering Amber January 4, 2021 in

Remembering Amber

I found her in a storage unit when I worked at Uhaul. I was cleaning outside with the leaf blower and kept hearing a meow. I started to meow to figure out where she was. […]

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