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Zoë the Grandma cat was nicknamed for her deep protectiveness of all of the children she raised. She was with her family for all of her 19 years, after walking into the middle of their living room as a stray kitten, cocking her head at the youngest in the family and making herself at home.
Zoë loved to sleep ON people’s heads like a hat. She would always, always be found snuggled up with a napping toddler. She would get the zoomies and she would eat scrambled eggs going “nomnomnomnom”. She helped raise five human babies, one of whom became her owner and is writing this. And two canine ones too ❤️
If anyone was sad in her family she would kiss away their tears. She loved attending the pet parade and taking walks in a baby carrier.
She was as feisty as they come and we often joked that she was too obstinate and stubborn to ever pass away. I wish that had truly been the case.
She was the best friend anyone could ever ask for and will be missed immeasurably.

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