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My Sadie girl was the sweetest girl and also very smart . When she was a puppy and I used to put her dog food away and treats away in the cabinet she would open up the cabinets and carry her small bag of dog food around in her mouth and in her adult years she would do the same sometimes I don’t even know how she opened things . When my grandfather was alive we used to all go to McDonald’s and he would get Sadie a hamburger and I kept it up as a adult she has been my soul dog since I was just 12 years old and I’m going to be 24 this year , she gave me the most beautiful years of my life and taught me unconditional love . I feel so lost without her she always stood by my side and would wait for me when I come home from school and transition into adulthood she wait for me to come home from work . I’d always bring her something coming home . I always thought of her . I hope she finds me in another life. My sweet Angel … love you always <3

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