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Oreo came to my family when he was just winged from his furmom. He lived a very long life of 15 and a half years. He was a floppy dog and would run into things as a puppy. He loved to be loved and grew very attached to another family pet name Tyron. Both were inseparable until tyron past away of old age a few years ago. Oreo loved to sleep in the bed with my dad and would demand his special chair next to dad in the den. Lol nobody could sit in it but him. As Oreo grew old he lost his site but still was very alert, he new who was who and would wag his tail and smell you to greet you. He would bark at you to tell you he wanted something. In Oreo's last day he was very quiet and yet still a happy ole man. May he run in heaven with Tyron until we all meet him again.

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