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I could write paragraphs on the amount of love I have for sweet Charlie. She loves a peanut butter Kong and never ran out of energy. No matter how many times you threw her kong, she could always go longer than you. In between her last moments she was coming up for love from each of my family members, that’s how I know she knows how loved she was. Charlie was not meant to live past 1 1/2 but with my family we gave her 14 wonderful years of life. She will be deeply missed. Every dinner she would wait for food to fall at your feet, it sucks when you have to start using the vacuum to clean things up instead of calling out for Charlie to help. She was and will forever be my little Stitch, I saw the good in her before anyone else, and for me (and her) it was love at first sight. She was tough to get to open up but once she loved you, she loved you deeply and was protective over you. I love you Charlie! -Lizzie

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