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Veterinary Technician Appreciation Week!

It’s Vet Tech Appreciation Week! October 14th-20th 2018 is Veterinary Technician Appreciation week! We value them all year long, but this week is set apart to let them know just how appreciated they are!! Chances are if you’ve ever brought your pet into the vet, you’ve met a veterinary technician. They wear so many hats […]

NexGard Safety Concerns

Are NexGard and similar products safe for your pet? Have you seen the video circling social media sites recently of pets having seizures and discounting the safety of flea and tick prevention products such as NexGard, Bravecto and Simparica? Have you asked your pet’s vet about it and been told they still recommend these products? […]

Keep the Holidays Happy

There is a chill in the air, friends are stopping by with yummy treats, and everything seems just a little bit merrier this time of year. Keep the Holidays peaceful with these helpful tips to keep your furry and fluffy fur kids safe. Deck the Halls… but do it wisely If you have rambunctious dogs […]

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