Remembering Junko

Remembering Junko

My sassy baby girl, she came to me in one of the most darkest periods of my life. This hyper bundle of joy, helped me become a better man. When I was low, crying, and felt like my own demons were crushing me, she was there for me.

I still remember fondly when she made me run around my apartment one day after returning from the vets. Poor little thing was stressed, and squirmed out of my arm. Me being out of shape did not help, but this burly kitty was surprisingly agile, juking me and dodging and weaving as I stumbled in my flip flops to grab her.

Eventually I was able to corner her in front of an apartment door that she was trying so hard to scramble into. I let out an expletive of triumph, and suddenly she started mewling and screaming.

Which it sounded almost as if a child was being kidnapped, and I remember quickly running to my apartment in hopes that no one thought I had just kidnapped a child.

I love you Junko, you will always be my sassy babygirl.