Remembering Brody   500  Carlee

Remembering Brody 500 Carlee

Brody the best lil buddy or friend a human could have. Brody was raised by a Bartender and was raised with sooooo much love from his BFF Eddie .He was soo smart that he would Litterally out smart his friend Eddie on the regular. lil Brody was quite the ladies man and got to be come very good acquaintances with not all but of the Female entertainers in Scottsdale (strippers) This lil stud was a ladies man . But no one loved him more then Eddie and Eddie loved him back there was nothing or no one Eddie loves more .Even when His friend Eddie would have his lady friends over he always let Brody know he was his A No 1. Brody was very fast for being so small and he hated Leashes although it’s a law that he would have to wear one his bff Eddie never made him wear it accept for in a airport or on a plane . Brody would run circles around all and Became Brody500 sadly Brodys ❤️Was too big and was Ill This past Monday Brody died In Eddies arms and now is most definitely in heaven.🥕were his fave