Remembering Marley

I remember I had to take Marley in to see vet due to an issue he was experiencing, and after going to his first visit he was soo happy to be coming home with me. I had to take him back for a 2nd visit, so once at the vet office he was fine, happy but once the vet called for him to be seen, i took Marley into the room. Marley happily went into room, but once he saw the vet he quickly turned around and headed out of the room. The vet said he never saw a dog do that toward him and we all laughed!! Marley was one of my best dogs ever!! He was a great guard dog. During winter time, he wouldn't come inside the house from out of the cold, he'd rather stay outside and watch the house. As much as i tried to get him to come inside he wouldn't. He would just look at me continue to lay on his blanket and look, scan, the front yard from one end of the yard to the next part. Very good loyal pet and friend!! I thank GOD for giving him to me and my family. He's FOREVER in our hearts and memor