Remembering Olivia

i had olivia for 4 amazing years. He was my first pet when i moved out of my parents at the shy of 18, he was there when i had nothing but a sleeping bag on the floor, 1 cat bed, and one lamp. He was there when i brought home my first dog shiva , he accepted her into the family. He was there when i brought in another cat named logan as a kitten. It was always funny seeing Olivia tolerate logan jumping around him and playing with his tail. On june of 2017, i dealt with the tragedy to losing my mother, and he was there for every tear and mental breakdown i had. I became an alcoholic and isolated everyone around me. But at the end of the day i had him. Throughout the years i recovered. I am going to be 2 years sober in November of this year. I am grateful for every minute i got with him. I am joyed knowing he got to meet my daughter. I will always tell his story to her. I know ill miss him forever, but he is free of pain. I know he is keeping my mom company, til i can see them again.