Veterinary Technician Appreciation Week!

It’s Vet Tech Appreciation Week!

October 14th-20th 2018 is Veterinary Technician Appreciation week! We value them all year long, but this week is set apart to let them know just how appreciated they are!!

Chances are if you’ve ever brought your pet into the vet, you’ve met a veterinary technician. They wear so many hats and are a vital part of providing your pet with the very best care. All of our team are pet owners and lovers themselves, undoubtedly why they joined the veterinary field! Working in a veterinary hospital is not all puppy visits and kitten purrs, in fact that is a very small part of our day. Although we do love puppy kisses!

What do Vet Techs do? EVERYTHING!

Veterinary Technician caring for a pomeranian
Our lead Emergency Technician Jen giving a pet extra love.

Surgery Veterinary Technician:

Start the day by having a chat with owners leaving their pets in our care. After all their questions are answered and papers signed the real work begins. They have performing pre-surgery exams, setting catheters, running blood work and prepping the surgery space for that day’s procedures refined like a well-oiled machine. After a quick recap with their Dr they are ready to induce, monitor and recover pets from surgery. During dental cleanings technicians take radio-graphs, scale, polish and chart the patients teeth. In orthopedic or abdominal surgeries they are gloved in and ready to assist the veterinarian. They make sure each pet is fully recovered, owners are updated, and medications are filled. After sending each dog and cat home, they clean, stock and prepare instruments for the next day.

Appointments Veterinary Technician:

feline xray
X-Rays of a cat in our care.

Are on their feet and running all day. These gurus spend time answering questions, educating clients and make sure each pet is up to date on recommended vaccines or other testing. They may meet an overly excited puppy in one room. And a nervous not-so-happy to be away from home cat in the next. They are an extra pair of eyes and ears for the veterinarian. And often the first to notice something is off. They are pros at time management- running diagnostics on the patient in room 2 while discharging the pet in room 3. It takes a lot of teamwork to keep the day running smoothly and keeping Dr D’Monte on track. ????


Emergency and Hospitalized Veterinary Technician:

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without our skilled technicians on our emergency and hospitalized team! They truly never know what kind of emergencies they will face during their shift. It takes a special skill to be able to adapt as quickly as they do. When a crashing pet comes in, it is our technicians that rush them to our treatment area and follow the veterinarians plan to begin efforts to save that pet’s life. They are with you and your pet during the most difficult moments of your pets life. They do everything in their power to make hospitalized stays comfortable. Technicians give IV Fluids, administer medications, and perform other treatments and testing. They chart each pet’s progress and give very concerned owners updates. They create a special bond with each pet in their care, and are just as relieved as the pet’s owners when they recover from their illness or injury!

Veterinary Technician cares for shepherd
Jessica caring for a hospitalized patient.

Our veterinary technicians give so much of themselves for the love of the job. They may skip lunch, miss out on activities with friends, and be covered in vomit, drool or poo at the end of their shift- but any of them would say it is worth it if it means saving just one more life that day. TSVC has the best technicians in the field! We can never say Thank You enough for all that you do!!