Tick Fever, Lyme, Plague and MORE! What YOU need to know to protect your family and your pets this year!


lymecapccapcehrlWith our lovely weather quickly warming up, ticks are coming out of hiding, and sadly into our yards and homes! Ticks carry a wide range of diseases, some of which can be debilitating, and even deadly! Not only are our furry family members at risk, but ourselves and our human families as well! This is why our knowledgeable team and doctors at TSVC want to ensure all pet parents are up to date with the most recent information to keep your family and your pets protected!


Did you know…

*One out of every 42 dogs test positive for Tick Fever IN Arizona!

*Arizona leads the country in the number of cases, and fatalities, of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, a deadly Tick borne illness.

*Lyme Disease has spread coast to coast and has had a strong foothold in California, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico. ALL of our neighboring states!

*Cases of Flea borne plague were reported in Flagstaff and Jerome last year.

*Reported cases of Ticks, Fleas and tapeworms caused by Flea ingestion rose dramatically in Show Low/Pine top, Flagstaff, and Camp Verde last year.


    If you own a dog, there is a very good chance you will need a Tick/Flea preventative in the coming months, ESPECIALLY when traveling and hiking. When you do, contact us at 480-945-8484 for information on an amazing new ORAL Tick/Flea Preventative, NEXGARD


Get only the best products, with the full support of the manufacturer-a guarantee not available anywhere else-the right product knowledge and consistency of care for your beloved furry family member, all from our Veterinarians.

*For more information on Ticks and other parasites, go to the Companion Animal Parasite Council Website at www.capcvet.org and also www.dogsandticks.com