Just A Thought This Holiday Season…

Sooo many dogs, cats and other pets of all breeds and ages sit in rescues and shelters across the world and it is there that they will spend their holiday season. I remember being a young child and every single year, “A new puppy or kitten” was written on my Christmas list (or a pony! lol). I know that as parents, we want more than anything for our children and other family members to have what they wish for the holidays, whenever possible. However, just a thought….What if EVERY parent, sister, brother, uncle, grandmother, considering a new furry family member, adopted that pet from a shelter or a rescue instead of buying that cute little “puppy in the window”? What kind of a difference would this make in the lives of ALL of those shelter pets who don’t have a family on Christmas Day? To have the love, warmth, companionship they, too, long for. What an impact this would make on those shelters and rescues who are overfilled with pets and unable to help other pets in need due to limited space and funding?

What kind of a difference would this make in the lives of PEOPLE? People with the heart to save a life, people with the love to give! I believe teaching people, including our children, that the true gift is in love and the willingness to help others who cannot help themselves. SO, if you are considering adding a new member to your family this holiday season, I urge you to research and visit shelters and rescues and consider welcoming one of these beloved companions into your family first, before looking elsewhere for your new friend. You may meet your new best friend…AND save a life! And once you do, make sure to bring them in so that we can meet them too!! 🙂


*Images courtesy of Google Images*