Find Out How You Can Keep Your Pet Happy AND Healthy This Halloween!

Candy, costumes and…….pumpkins! OH MY! Halloween can be a fun and exciting holiday; but for some, Halloween can be a worrisome day for you and your pet. Here are some tips to help keep your pet happy AND healthy during this holiday!


  • Keep your pets inside and protected on Halloween night!

   With all of the “trick or treaters”, it is likely you will be opening your door pretty frequently, making it all too easy for your pet to slip out! Keeping your pet confined to their kennel, or a bedroom, can help prevent them from getting loose. Hanging out with your pets indoors will also prevent surprisingly vicious pranksters, who have been known to steal, tease or potentially injure pets, from targeting your home. This is especially important if your pet has anxiety or fear of loud noises, etc. Playing music or leaving a tv on can be helpful in distracting your pet from the outside sounds.

  • Halloween candy is NOT for “Sandy”!

Ensure that ALL that yummy and delicious candy and chocolate are kept FAR away from your pets and that all children are supervised while enjoying their tasty treats. Chocolate, and many candies and gum, are toxic to dogs and cats. Chocolate toxicity is known to cause vomiting, rapid breathing and heart rate, diarrhea, hyperactivity, anxiousness, seizures and can be life threatening. Any gum or candy containing xylitol (an artificial sweetener) can cause loss of coordination, seizures and low blood sugar. IF you suspect your pet HAS gotten into candy or chocolate, please call your veterinarian for further advice! Extra Tip: Make sure your pet has appropriate chew toys or treats that can keep them happy…AND FULL!

  • Keep Halloween decorations, lights and cords out of reach!

Making sure that all cords and wires are tucked away out of reach of your pets can prevent them from risk of serious injury such as electrocution, which can cause severe burns, pain and tissue death. Halloween decorations, if ingested, could possibly cause a blockage in the intestinal tract, potentially requiring surgery.

  • Identification Please!

Please make sure that all your beloved furry family members are wearing updated and proper identification tags. IF they were to accidentally slip loose, proper identification is most likely their only chance of being returned home! Having all pets microchipped is the BEST form of identification, as it can not be worn, destroyed, broken or fall off.



  • Keep all your outdoor kitties, indoors!

Cats are, sadly, huge targets on Halloween night, and the few days leading up to it. The only way to keep your kitty safe, is inside where they can be protected from harm.

  • Anxiety? Talk to your Vet!

If your pet is highly anxious, fearful of people or loud noises and sounds, it may be helpful to speak with a Veterinarian about ideas, suggestions and possibly medication to help ease your pet’s anxiety on Halloween night.