Could Acupuncture Help YOUR Pet?

It is no surprise that many of the therapies and treatments that have helped humans for many years, have proven to be beneficial for our four legged friends too! One of the more “up and coming” therapies, that is now available for your pet at some practices, is Acupuncture! Acupuncture has been known to reduce pain and discomfort after surgery, injury, or due to aging and can even promote healing! One of our most senior veterinarians, Dr. Rowena D’Monte, has seen, first hand, the positive effects that acupuncture cadrdmonten provide. YES that’s right, our own Dr. D’Monte DOES perform acupuncture, and is very skilled at it too! See News Channel 10 in Indiana’s recent reporting: “Veterinarian Gives Animals In Pain A Better Quality Of Life”, referencing another veterinarian who is helping pets live a happier life thanks to acupuncture, and if you think acupuncture could help YOUR pet then give us a call to meet Dr. D’Monte! 480-945-8484

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