The Advantages of Spaying Your Female Pet

Some people choose not to spay their female pet because their male pets are neutered or because there are no male animals around. Many people are simply concerned with the possibility of unwanted offspring, and are not aware of the medical risks involved in owning an un-spayed female. Also, too many people are unaware that smaller mammals, such as rabbits, rats, and guinea pigs have greater health risks when not spayed. Listed below are the advantages of spaying your pet. Please consider them while deciding what is in the best interest for the health and longevity of your loved one.

Advantages of Spaying Your Pet:
1. Spaying prevents uterine or ovarian cancers or infections. Uterine infections (pyometra) can easily cost $1000-3000 to treat.
2. Greatly decreased chance of mammary tumors and cancer
3. No unwanted offspring
4. No more messy heat periods or unwanted male attention

After your pet’s surgery, you will notice she will be sleepy, possibly for a few days.
Some pets prefer to be alone in a quiet, dark area to recuperate. This is completely normal and should be allowed. You will be given pain medications for your pet to make her more comfortable. The doctor may send home medication for sedation in case she is normally very active. It is important to keep her from jumping and running around for at least one week so that her incision may heal properly.

If you have any questions about what to expect with your pet’s spay surgery, please feel free to call. Our nurses would be more than happy to answer any questions you have. We at The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic understand that pets are not just pets; they are beloved members of the family! Call the office at 480-945-8484 for any questions! We are happy to help!.