Ever wonder about the intelligence of your dog? Like human intelligence, dog intelligence comes in various forms. While it is true that the best in any breed can be nurtured by an owner that is willing to put in the time and effort, there are certain fixed realities of inherent qualities in the various breeds. The breeds that have been bred to herd, hunt or retrieve are generally quick on their feet, eager to work, move and please you. It will appear as though they are quicker learners. Dogs that are bred as guard dogs or scent hounds can at times appear as though they are distracted and some might even say a bit dense. Although some breeds will be more nimble, trainers will say that any dog can learn basic commands like sit or stay, it just might take a bit longer for them to catch on. The key is to know your pooch, what motivates him and what he is built for. But remember the smartest dogs might not always make the best pets, your job as an owner is to find a breed that suits your lifestyle and then try to bring the best out of your pet.
According to the American Kennel Club the following 10 breeds absorbed commands in less than five repetitions and obeyed them 95% of the time or better.
1. Border Collie
2. Australian Cattle dogs (heelers)
3. Poodles
4. German Shepherd
5. Golden Retriever
6. Doberman Pinscher
7. Shetland Sheepdog
8. Labrador Retriever
9. Papillion (Dwarf Spaniels)
10. Rottweiler