Recommendations for Home-made kidney diet for cats at Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic

Many pets will not eat the commercially available diets when they are in kidney failure.  To make a home-made kidney diet for your pet, you may use the following ingredients and guidelines for mixing and creating the diet. Begin by feeding 1/2 cup twice per day and then increasing or decreasing diet based upon weight changes to maintain an appropriate weight. A new diet will need to be made every 5-7 days to prevent feeding spoiled food.  This is the recommended amount for an average size cat.

>> White meat chicken, chicken gizzard, plus 2 hard-boiled eggs, with a touch of clam juice or chicken broth: 20%

>> Kidney beans: 10%

>> Well-cooked white/basmati rice, polenta, barley: 60%

>> String beans, squash, asparagus, kale: 10%


All of these should be mixed together and cooked.  After cooking the mix should be refrigerated or frozen until feeding.  A batch should be remade at least every week.

Other supplements that may be recommended by your veterinarian, and may be added to the food after cooking :

Fish oil.  Pet tinic. Epakitin.

Dr. Darren Wright, Veterinarian at The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic, a pet clinic that is dedicated to the whole health of your companion in the Phoenix, Arizona Area.